Sahi Disha Ki Ore- An Initiative To Help You Choose The Right Way Easily

Sahi Disha Ki Ore- An Initiative To Help You Choose The Right Way Easily

Sahi Disha Ki Ore- An Initiative To Help You Choose The Right Way Easily


How Many Times Do We Stop And Think- Are We Doing It Enough To Build A Better Society And In The Right Direction?

We are busy in our lives and performing our daily duties. Seldom do we realise the impact of our ways and actions while carrying on our activities of the day, like driving, working, studying, talking to a stressed-out friend, even commenting on a post and so on.

What we do, how we do it, is it right or wrong- do we give it a thought?

No, right?

So when is the right time to stop, introspect and act righteously?


Right now- is the right time to act with empathy towards others, and be sensible and responsible towards your actions.

With a legacy of more than 20 years, Disha has been providing the right educational path with guidance and a solid content base that helps aspirants excel, teachers get opportunities, and business partners get profitable associations.

Now, we want to lend a hand of support to do our bit and help you all to do yours in a better way that brings the desired change in society.

Let’s do it together, with- the 'Sahi Disha Ki Ore' initiative.

What Is Sahi Disha Ki Ore- an initiative by Disha?

 Sahi disha ki ore initiative offers you a go-to friend, philosopher and guide. It aims to help you when you are in a fix and make you understand the relevance of doing the right thing and following empathetic behaviour towards all. We simply want you to embrace a holistic approach to build a better society to live in.

Sensing a need for change, Disha offers a hand of support and strength to all with ‘sahi disha ki ore’, to make it easy for you to behave more responsibly. We are not here to judge or preach to you, we are here to say- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

In the form of regular interaction, discussions and interactive creatives, we want to be a part of your life and share your burdens, anxiety and pressure- in a supportive way.

What All Parameters Can We Work On Together?

 There are many areas where you need to watch your conduct and be more responsible. To make it more understandable, we have identified 5 basic parameters towards which one must fix its behaviour and approach to create room for a better world.

These essential five are:

  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Behavioural
  • Environmental
  • Cyber (Digital)

From time to time, we would be diving deep into each to discuss it with you, how to have a better outlook towards a situation, how to cope with the stress involved in facing hurdles around these parameters and much more.

How Can We As A Whole Bring A Change?

By just being aware and conscious of our acts, we can bring a massive change. We know it's not easy when you feel you are alone in it. But who says you are alone? We are with you.

Disha feels an obligation towards showing the world a better way to be a better human being. In the end, we all are the same- humans, burdened with responsibilities.

We understand your limitations, so offer to provide solutions.

You just need to follow us and be open to accepting Disha as your friend.

Remember, when no one is listening, we are, to guide you towards-

Sahi Disha Ki Ore’! -


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