Retests, Exam Cancellations, Discrepancies And Irregularities In Exams - How To Deal With The Chaos?

Retests, Exam Cancellations, Discrepancies And Irregularities In Exams - How To Deal With The Chaos?

When you need your mind to focus on preparations only and after the exam- on the results, the least you want is these types of news to scare you. Isn't it?

It is natural for an aspirant to feel scared by the chaos due to irregularities around the exams. And not only the naive aspirants, their parents, families and personal lives also get extremely messed up if any such news erupts out of nowhere.

But giving in to the stress is not at all an option.

As it has been observed in recent times, the negligence around the conducting of prestigious exams has led to chaotic situations in various parts of the country. Also, the students and their families have been suffering due to such irregularities leading to protests and cancellation of the exams, how stressful that can be for the aspirants is hard to imagine.

 Let's deal with it together.

Stress Around Examinations- Even After One Is Done With Them

Nowadays examinations are not a cup of tea anyone can have. The aspirants are expected to show courage, strength and determination at every step. Right from the beginning of the preparations to going to the exam centre- all need perseverance. The test is not over at the exam hall, the real test begins after that- waiting for the results.

Apart from preparation and performance pressure, the stress that students have around the examination are:

  • Retests of the exams- all the mental pressure returns
  • Cancellations - the hard work goes into vain
  • Grace marks distribution- more confusion
  • Debarment from the exam- humiliation and future in jeopardy
  • Future sabotage- no other way to go if one does not keep a plan B
  • The prestige of national exam conducting authority at stake-  shakes the faith of the aspirants and their family

So how can one recover from these unforeseen situations?

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That’s How One Can Minimise And Manage Stress- Ways To Relieve It

You can begin with the following to feel better:

Keep Calm And Faith

One of the most important things to begin with even before your examination is to keep faith and remain calm. It prepares you to be better for the exams and perform your best. If any unforeseen event like cancellation happens, you must keep faith in the authorities and never panic. For this, you can practise staying alert around the exam notifications and understanding the process, without getting intimidated by any protest or allegations on the exam bodies. Keeping faith gives strength.

Do Not Overthink

Do not overthink about the situation. Try to divert your attention from exam chaos to better things- like planning your next move, taking a short break, hanging out with friends and so on. You can also follow blogs and articles that give your mind relaxation and put your focus of attention away from the chaos.

Let Time Take Its Course

Whatever good or bad that may happen will happen anyway- so why not let the time decide your fate now? You did your best- prepared well and performed your best, now sit back and let the time decide what it has for you. It is worth noting that if you have done your best, the time will bring fruitful results.

Meditate To Be Strong

Meditation and yoga are the keys to being strong during any storm around the exams. You must understand that keeping your mind in zen mode or giving it a relaxing break like meditation is good for you. Begin with a small duration of meditation. Also, some yoga asanas are good for the students to keep them free from any exam worries like- Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath), Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Balasana (Child’s Pose), Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) and so on.

Always Have A Plan B

It is good to be focused, but it is better to have a plan B. Going crazy over one examination and keeping everything aside will leave you on the hook. It is better to have plan B as in these unforeseen situations, having some options help give relief. Also, you feel strong and more powerful when you have options.

Talk To Someone

Talking to someone is always the best way to deal with any stress. You need to pour your heart out to get some relief and reassurance- that everything will be alright. You can either -  talk to your loved ones or take professional counselling to get a better and clearer view of your situation.

Talking also helps you in hearing, and eventually healing, as you listen to yourself and sometimes get the solution on your own.

So try these ways and feel the difference.

Keep Faith And Never Get Afraid By A Challenge

Keeping faith keeps one going in life. Whether it is the faith is one power above or the authorities that conduct the examinations, and even the law that protects the country's and its citizens' interests- you need to keep holding and get things going.

Never let yourself down with one hiccup.

Get up, stand up and face the challenge with a brave face.


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